Birth of the Italian network for solidarity economy

Birth of the Italian network for solidarity economy

On 18th and 19th January 22 associations working on social and solidarity matters gathered in Rome with a common aim: the approval of the statute and the election of the different bodies of the new Italian network for solidarity economy – RIES (in Italian Rete Italiana per l’economia Sociale).

This event represent the point of arrival of a 20 years long cooperation among various associations and bodies of the Social Economy in Italy formerly linked by a non-formal network (RES). In order to give more visibility to the Social and Solidarity world, members of RES decided to join in a formal subject.

RIES becomes now the national reference point for all institutions, associations, and other bodies dealing with the solidarity economy with common objectives; it will act as unique subject in the relations with public entities and civil society with the scope the promotion and diffusion of good practices related to SSE.

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