Policy brief

Policy brief

The Policy Brief will be the document of a common advocacy strategy for introducing SSE in the VET system at national level and European level. This document is focused on advocacy at a policy level, aiming the main decision-makers and policy-makers at national and European level. For this Intellectual Output, all partners’ efforts will be focused on presenting, synthetically, the main goals and objectives of this European project as solid and coherent arguments for introducing SSE in the VET system.

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Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting, Athens, 21-22 November 2019

The 1st meeting of the EmploySSE project held on the 20th and 21st of November 2019 in Athens. The meeting has been attended by all partners involved in the project. Moreover, discussions have been held in order to prepare specific project actions and coordinate activities. The meeting has been carried out on the basis of the below-outlined agenda.

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