Policy brief

Policy brief

The Policy Brief will be the document of a common advocacy strategy for introducing SSE in the VET system at national level and European level. This document is focused on advocacy at a policy level, aiming the main decision-makers and policy-makers at national and European level. For this Intellectual Output, all partners’ efforts will be focused on presenting, synthetically, the main goals and objectives of this European project as solid and coherent arguments for introducing SSE in the VET system.

Taking into account that EmploySSE will create a competence profile for “VET Educators on SSE” as part of O1, the Policy Brief will be used as direct advocacy, for the introduction of the profile and the direct training (see the modules of O2) in the National Qualification Framework per participant’s country and EU-wide if possible.

Target groups

The main target groups for this Intellectual Output are Policy/decision-makers, at national and European level. The evaluation of the Policy Brief will be articulated with the management evaluation, taking in consideration dimensions such as relevance at national and European levels and its contribution to communicating with policy and decision-makers to introduce SSE in VET system.

Expected impact

  • Augmented interest in producing research regarding the SSE integration in VET systems; increased efforts in translating, for policy-making purposes, the evidence regarding SSE in VET.
  • Updated knowledge on SSE situation in VET in Europe and on VET quality improvement of the training methods; increased capacities for implementing advocacy initiatives in order to affirm SSE in Europe.
  • Civil society organisations: raised awareness about SSE as a new socio-economic model for social change; increased awareness about the value of integrating SSE in VET; augmented access to human resources trained in SSE; augmented attractiveness of VET as education and training high-quality choice.
  • General public: increased awareness of SSE as an approach for social change; increased access to innovative VET training resources and methods.

Transferability potential

The methodology of creating this Policy Brief could be transferred in procedures of co-production of public policy for SSE in general.

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