Training modules

Training modules

For the development of VET training packages on SSE, the project will develop four (4) training modules in specific themes:

  • “Introduction to SSE and Social Enterprises: Definitions, Values and Principles”.
  • Download the pdf version in EN, EL, FR, IT, CS, HR.

  • “Democratic management and horizontal governance in and for SSE ventures”.
  • Download the pdf version in EN, EL, FR, IT, CS, HR

  • “Products/ Services Design within SSE operational framework”.
  • Download the pdf version in EN, EL, FR, IT, CS, HR

  • “Scaling Economy: Local Development, Economic Flows and Networking”.
  • Download the pdf version in EN, EL, FR, IT, CS, HR

In addition to the above, all modules will cover the key-aspects of VET (and Adult Education in general), namely:

  • Training needs assessment.
  • Developing a training curriculum and training plan.
  • Delivery of training.
  • Learner’s assessment.
  • Evaluation of the training.

Target groups

The main target groups for this Intellectual Output are: VET providers, trainers, consultants and indirectly SSE organisations.

Expected impact

  • Increased knowledge and tools in SSE for VET systems; access to innovation and provision of new offers in VET systems; augmented attractiveness of VET curricula for the new and current public.
  • New skills, competences and knowledge regarding SSE; Full Training Modules used for their teaching and everyday practices (e.g. targeted advocacy for Career Advisors).
  • Increased access to VET which integrates contents on SSE; enrichment of their professional profiles; augmented attractiveness of VET system as education and training high-quality choice.

Transferability potential

  • To transfer training modules to other target-groups of the unemployed and/or vulnerable population.
  • To transfer training modules in other EU countries. This can be achieved directly, given that the material will be in English, online, open and free.

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